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Alexander was a member of the toronto film critics association and was an editor of film website and a writer for the toronto stars daily newspaper metro news. Queen of blood jumbles similar styles to hoopers vampiric space stinker but in a much more cowed and chic kitsch manner and with sneaky, unsettling scares. Feb 26, 2014 a thematic and stylistic followup to chris alexanders first film, the awardwinning experimental psychodrama blood for irina, queen of blood sees vampire irina once more played by shauna henry. The direction by curtis harrington may be the reason for the quality. Tracking the family over the course of a year, blood ties aspires to a. Heres everything we know about hellboy 3, its cast, release date, trailers, and more.

Hess green jones, who becomes a vampire after his intelligent but unstable assistant gunn stabs him with an. As he often did in the 1960s, corman bought the distribution rights to a foreign film in this case two soviet era scifi flicks and then turned it over to one of his proteges to see what they could do with it. Queen of blood 2014 queen of blood 2014 the image could not be loaded. Inspired by the nightmares of your youth and the notorious countess bathory, blood queen comes from writer troy brownfield. Download film torrent ita hd film torrent hd in download.

The plot revolves around a 26yearold newlywed named ava who searches for her husband after he is abducted on their caribbean honeymoon. Published on feb 26, 2014 a thematic and stylistic followup to chris alexanders first film, the awardwinning experimental psychodrama blood for irina, queen of blood sees vampire irina. Queen of blood seems to be about some of the surviving characters from the first instalment and how they get involved somehow with a new house of blood. When the crew awakens, shes sleeping, and the guard is dead. Guardare queen of blood online 2014 film italiano, vedere informazioni sul film completo online, streaming ita, trailer, sottotitoli e audio originale. Chris alexanders queen of blood hits bluray and dvd this. Summoned to save the princess, a young woman of untold power begins a journey that will uncover secrets, reveal forbidden desires and stoke the fires of war. For its admitted shoddiness, queen of blood manages to be quite unnerving at moments and the resolution is downright bizarre. Queen of blood 1966 basil rathbone, john saxon, judi meredith, dennis hopper and the mysterious vampire alien queen florence marly.

Arkoff, directed by curtis harrington, that stars john saxon, basil rathbone, dennis hopper, and judi meredith. The film has the same claustrophobic look and story of edward l. Stephen holden wrote in the new york times in april 2014. I could feel it curling around my skin as if it was alive, my body readily accepting it. Queen of blood 2014 writer, director, producer, composer. The good spot in the movie is florence marly as the alien queen.

Queen of blood was made using special effects from the soviet films mechte navstrechu a dream come true and nebo zovyot battle beyond the sun. Alexander on film news video contact chris alexander online. In the epic origin story the legend of hercules, kellan lutz stars as the mythical greek hero the son of zeus, a halfgod, halfman blessed with extraordinary strength. Harrington made queen of blood backtoback with voyage to the prehistoric planet, which also incorporated footage from the soviet films. Queen of blood 2014 stream and watch online moviefone. Her father was baron george vi bathory of the ecsed branch of the family, brother of andrew bonaventura bathory, who had been voivode of transylvania, while her mother was baroness anna bathory 15391570, daughter of stephen bathory of somlyo. The novel follows the story of deleina as she learns to control the. Autonomy pictures is moving forward with the next chris alexander directing vehicle, queen of blood. I watched blood of irina first and i got to 34 through queen of blood and just couldnt take anymore. The film is very wellpaced, its stylish and its just a whole lot of fun.

Like blood bath which preceeded it, queen is also an excellent example of the roger corman school of hybrid cinema. Naturally, there is a lot of blood plasma on the ship, which they feed the alien. If a movie with no plot, no dialogue, no suspense and no characters sounds good to you then queen of blood is your film. Queen of blood has no dialogue, rather you are pushed along by the soundtrack, by the imagery, by henrys physical presence. When her husband goes missing during their caribbean vacation, a woman sets off on her own to take down the men she thinks are responsible. Aug 23, 2014 queens of the stone age reading festival little johns farm reading, uk 22nd august 2014 setlist. Zero stars out of five an ultra lowbudget vampire flick. Queen of blood is a 1966 color science fictionhorror film based on the screenplay for the earlier, soviet film called mechte. From writerdirectorcomposer chris alexander the editorinchief of fangoria comes the spiritual sequel to his acclaimed debut feature. Queen of blood 2014 vampire irina is reborn as a vampiric plague, a force of nature whose destiny is to lay waste to a fever dream vision of the wild west. Home chris alexander online films blue eyes of the broken doll music for murder they drink your blood alexander on film news. A dvd and vod release will occur in september 2015. Mar 29, 2012 based on the true life experiences of poet jimmy santiago baca, the film focuses on halfbrothers paco and cruz, and their biracial cousin miklo. Portraits of aristocracy in queen margot and blanche the new.

It revels in its own dirgelike rhythms, roughhewn video imagery and its lack of interest in drawing in the viewer through plot or characterization. If a film is to be judged solely on its original intentions, that queen of blood is some kind of success. Queen of blood debuts on bluray in an avc encoded 1080p high definition transfer framed at 1. I cant help but think of how much shorter this would have been if scenes played and peoole moved at normal speed. Telecharger film queen of blood gratuitement, regarder film queen of blood en streaming, voir film queen of blood en ligne. The film hits its stride when the spacemen bring back just one unconscious female alien survivor who neither talks nor eats. Hellboy hellboy movie, hellboy film, movies online. There is no dialogue, which is fine, cuz i love silent films. The queen of blood is the beginning of a new series by sarah beth durst called the queens of renthia. Queen of blood has got enough going for it that its pretty tough not to have a good time with it. When he isnt extraordinarily busy running the show over at fangoria and gorezone, chris alexander is making award. It looks downright hideous, as if most of it was shot on a go pro. The film stars kangana ranaut in the lead role, with lisa haydon and rajkummar rao playing supporting roles. Queen of blood 2014 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

In the blood is a film for which its hard to find something even remotely positive to say. A mood piece, with little dialogue, it moved like the fevered dreams of the director committed to film. Although nowhere near the visual masterpiece of mario bavas space gothic planet of the vampires, queen of blood is an expressively filmed show. Planet of blood is a 1966 color science fictionhorror film, produced by george edwards and samuel z. Like blood for irina, queen of blood presents its artsiness to the viewer as a takeitorleaveit proposition. Queen of blood photos view all photos 7 movie info. Elizabeth bathory was born on a family estate in nyirbator, kingdom of hungary, in 1560 or 1561, and spent her childhood at ecsed castle. Adjani is not a restrained performer, and queen margot is not a temperate movie. Setting his story in 1974 queens, canet opens with a police raid. In a mere moment, my hand had what appeared to be a gauntlet made of shadow and blood. Queen is a 2014 indian comedydrama film directed by vikas bahl and produced by anurag kashyap, vikramaditya motwane, and madhu mantena. Mar 26, 2010 this feature is not available right now. Released 2014, queen of blood stars carrie gemmell, david goodfellow, shauna henry, nivek ogre the movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 17 min, and received a score of out of 100 on metacritic. More of the same in chris alexanders second blood film.

With gina carano, cam gigandet, ismael cruz cordova, danny trejo. The film is entirely silent, featuring no audible dialogue and. The spirits are only kept in check by their pact with the queen of this land. The result often feels more like a video installation piece than a feature film. Queen of blood is a 20 vampire film that was written and directed by chris alexander and is a followup to his.

Queen of blood 2014, filmografia vampirica, vampiria. Unfortunately, one of the adjectives i cant apply to queen of blood is coherent. Le film queen of blood 2014 vostfr streaming gratuit et legal. After seeing some excellent spaceship footage purchased by roger corman from the 1959 russian film niebo zowiet, the producers edited out the clips they. Queen of blood bluray disc, 2015 for sale online ebay. The queen of blood is thirsty for more human victims, and as the astronauts try to find their way back to earth and safety, the queen s bloodlust has just begun. Chris alexanders queen of blood hits bluray and dvd this september. We enter a completely new and novel world where humans live in an uneasy truce with the spirits around them. The film is coproduced by stephanie rothman who 5 years later would make a vampire film of her own, the underrated the velvet vampire with celeste yarnall dosing out the blood sucking. Even the scenes that should have some sort of actionbased, visceral charge are flat and inconsequential and far too rare. None of them are the sort of characters you want to root for or engage with. Hellboy 3 is an upcoming american superhero film based on the dark horse comics directed by neil marshall, while lawrence gordon, lloyd levin hellboy hd movies wallpapers photos and pictures watch hellboy rise of the blood queen movie full stream online 2019 free hd david harbour in hellboy 4k ultra hd mobile wallpaper. Not the queen of blood im actually looking forward to watching this halloween season.

Staring david goodfellow, carrie gemmell and shauna henry. In the blood is a 2014 american action film directed by john stockwell and starring former fighter gina carano in her second lead role after 2011s haywire. Its the year 1990 and scientists receive a distress call from an alien spaceship that has crashlanded on mars. Queen of blood 2014 the vampire irina roams the countryside to quench her thirst. Shauna henry returns as the vampire irina, now reborn to silently roam a lush countryside quenching her thirst for human blood. The movie was written and directed by chris alexander. If you actually want to be scared or entertained then look elsewhere. Queen of blood aka planet of blood retains its power to amuse and astonish as it manages to create its own unique atmosphere. Queen of blood is almost a direct remake of jean rollin s s the living dead girl in that a mysterious woman shauna henry is dressed in white and attacks and kills others with her long nails, almost always going for her victims throat. Queen of blood is a 20 vampire film that was written and directed by chris alexander and is a followup to his 2012 film blood for irina. Chris alexander is a canadian magazine editor, film critic, director, musician, composer and freelance writer. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in. While most of the crew sleeps, the alien hypnotizes the astronaut on guard. Mar 31, 2008 i havent read the previous novel in this series and i dont think ill bother.

The bluray includes the film blood for irina, which is shot in the same style as queen of blood and features the same lead actress. The only thorn in the production is the supposed music score by leonard morand. Mgm has reached into its library of rarities and has released writerdirector curtis harringtons great scifi guilty pleasure from the mid sixties queen of blood aka planet of blood 1966 for the modern day digital audience. When theyre almost home, another crew member is eaten, a fight breaks out, and the alien is accidentally killed before she can finish the third guy. The film had its world premiere on 4 april 2014 at the international horror and scifi film festival and has actress shauna henry returning to reprise the character of irina. Apr 25, 2017 happily, the queen of blood lives up to the hype. Despite its similarities, what separates queen of blood from straighter, more refined scifi films from the 1950s is the plaiting of sharp horror scenes into its finale which resonate due to elegant weaving execution and their appearance out of context within an alien space realm. The film had its world premiere on 4 april 2014 at the international horror and scifi film festival and has actress shauna henry returning to reprise the. Based on the true life experiences of poet jimmy santiago baca, the film focuses on halfbrothers paco and cruz, and their biracial cousin miklo. The problem is, for its majority, harringtons film is just another elongated, underfinanced space opera and remains mostly flimsy until the creature arrives to stoke fear throughout.

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