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In this essay we are going to study about the international strategy of cocacola company using the ir framework for the indian market. In 2016, coca cola relaunched coke zero as coca cola zero sugar with a new recipe and a new look that replaced the all black packaging with a. Pdf the strategic positioning of cocacola in their. Cocacolas three principles that will guide it through 2020. Advertising is a key strategy for cocacolas growth market. Boost sales based on the predicted overtaking of carbonated drinks by health drinks by 2015. Pdf as a chandler founded the coca cola company back in 1886 and it is headquarter in atlanta, georgia, united states. This shows the brands global presence, influence and value. Dec 02, 2014 advertising is a key strategy for cocacolas growth. Jul 16, 20 cocacolas real overseas problem how to tap into neglected markets. An indepth case study of coca cola s branding and marketing strategy in the age of sustainable development. Cocacola, taste the feeling, and the contour bottle are trademarks of the cocacola company. With implementation of some of the greatest sustainable strategies in global marketing, coca cola has maintained its successful position within the soft drink industry.

The product is controlled by the cocacola company, a multinational firm. Change cocacolas brand image towards more globallocal responsible attitude. Global strategy for coca colas international expansion. Standardised marketing strategy is the world becoming mono cultural. Marketing strategy of coca cola in nepal unique market news.

Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Introduction marketing strategy is a longterm, forwardlooking approach to planning with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. Coca colas great global strategy and marketing skills are shown in depth with the debut of there one brand strategy. Coca cola is overhauling its global marketing and brand strategy, bringing about the biggest change in its marketing operations in its history. This video is about cocacola s marketing campaign strategy. Now operates in over 200 countries with over 84,000 suppliers over 70% of. Creative excellence has always been at the heart of coca colas advertising and they have decided that content is now the key to marketing in the 21st century on a social web. Apr 21, 2011 the coca cola company should address external technological threats by investing directly in applied research to improve recording and monitoring of the sales, production and delivery process between the coca cola company and the bottling companies p.

There strategy is quite simple to get the familiar red and white logo firmly imprinted in peoples minds all across the globe. Finally place strategy which involve selection of distribution channels, transport arrangement etc which are very essential to. Coca cola has been quick to embrace new mediums that have developed over the years radio, television and now internet. These initiatives include what markets to enter, what products to introduce and how to compete with other companies more effectively.

Savvy marketing and a reputation for quality have always been hallmarks of coca cola and have helped to make the product ubiquitous. Cocacola is the biggest nontechnology company in the world. Coca cola takes one brand marketing strategy global with taste the feeling campaign coca cola is launching its first global marketing campaign in more than a decade as it takes its one brand strategy global with the introduction of the. Coca cola history began in 1886 when the curiosity of an atlanta pharmacist, dr. At over a century old, coke remains an industry leader both in product sales and marketing. Red bull seems to be ahead of the market, while coca cola. To conduct competitive analysis of this company, we need to know its market shares, strategies, strengths and weaknesses, and its market position. Essay corporate level strategy coke cola case 3169 words. Coca cola marketing strategy essays the coca cola company is the worlds leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. As is the case with most large and mature companies, coca cola. Strategy the strategy of the coca cola company according to its website is to, be the worlds most recognized family brands, not just of soft drinks, but of juice drinks, sports drinks, water and milk, to maintain a trusted local presence in every community served, to increase annual. Coca cola was made for the cure of headache and other illnesses. B cocacola got the permission to enter the country with a 100 per cent unit in india.

The following are some of the keys to the iconic companys strategies. Tactical planning is a process by which companies determine and prioritize strategic initiatives. Previous failed marketing strategies such as coke zero and desani. Jan 21, 2016 the open happiness slogan gets replaced by taste the feeling as coke launches the biggest campaign in over a decade. The report also comprises application of swot, pestel, porters five forces and valuechain analyses on coca cola company, along with analysis of companys. Promotion strategy which includes the sales promotion, technological change and advertisement were all used by coca cola company in the marketing of its product in nigeria. The ir framework has been used to critically analyse the global strategy of coca cola. With this cocacola wants to create a world brand that has equal standards for all countries. The brand is present across more than 200 nations and is sold in packets of various sizes. International business strategy for globalization michael ba banutugomez william g. With coca cola focusing on family fun and simplicity, and red bull focusing on younger males through digital marketing, i had to wonder who would be more successful in the long run and also how other companies could utilize these strategies. Apr 07, 2010 coca cola has a business strategy that has been taking place for the last 115 years. Origionally only selling 7 servings a day, the company has grown slightly, at an estimated rate of more than 1. In terms of approaches to market entry, coca cola has been in the forefront too.

Coca cola is the top company in the industry, according to euromonitor there was no significant change in the ranking of the global top 10 companies in the soft drinks. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. A free powerpoint ppt presentation displayed as a flash slide show on id. Coca cola s cmo explains why its one brand marketing strategy is going global. Coca cola s strength is marketing and new marketing and advertisement channels have a big impact on the company. May 10, 2019 the marketing mix of coca cola has been changing over time with more and more products being added such that today it has 3300 products. Aug 03, 2015 coca cola company report contains more detailed analysis of coca cola marketing strategy covering issues of coca colas public relations, events and experiences and direct selling.

In this essay we are going to study about the international strategy of coca cola company using the ir framework for the indian market. Drinking a coca cola, any coca cola, makes the moment special. Heres how coca cola keeps its marketing strategy focused. Cocacola takes one brand marketing strategy global with. Ppt marketing strategies of powerpoint presentation free. Vice president and chief marketing of ficer of the cocacola company. May 20, 2016 didnt cocacola just nail marketing and reverse psychology in the above picture. Coca cola enters all the markets rich and poor rodrigues, 2009. Objectives and strategies marketing objectives follow.

Mar 08, 2016 candler also promoted the drink by giving away free drink vouchers and outfitting pharmacies and soda fountains with items bearing coca cola branding. The 4 ps of coca cola include the product, the price, the place and the promotions. The international strategy of coca cola company marketing essay. Being addicted to coca cola also is a health problem, because drinking of coca cola daily has an effect on your body after few years. Pdf this case presents the challenges the cocacola company faces in brazil. Corporate level strategy coca cola company is now the largest soft drink company in the world. Globalization and the cocacola company by anna glukhova on prezi. Inform target audience about features and benefits of the new product. Cocacola makes biggest ever shift to global marketing. Mar 21, 2014 marketing strategies of coca cola company 1. Cocacola was one of the official sponsors of the 2014 winter olympics. Marketing strategy depends on some critical factors i. Discussion and analysis of the marketing strategy of coke zero in.

As the most recognizable brand in the world, coca cola certainly knows a thing or two about successful global marketing. Pricing strategy today, it became quite popular for startups, for a day or. Moreover, the company has become the largest manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups which operate in more than 200 countries. The cocacola company is the worlds largest beverage company, largest manufacturer, distributor and marketer of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and.

Marketing strategy of coca cola coca cola marketing strategy september 8, 2018 by hitesh bhasin tagged with. The presence of coca cola products in almost every corner of the globe today shows how successful the companys international marketing strategy has been. Content for coca cola is is now the matter and substance of brand engagement so what can we learn from coca colas new marketing strategy. Sep 08, 2018 marketing strategy of coca cola coca cola marketing strategy september 8, 2018 by hitesh bhasin tagged with.

To judge the effectiveness of the strategy that coca cola employed in brazil, it is relevant to see the current consumption of the drinks under the coca cola umbrella. The secret behind cocacola marketing strategy youtube. The worldwide popularity of coca cola was a result of simple yet groundbreaking marketing strategies like consistency. Marketing strategy of coca cola coca cola strategy. The interesting fact is that more people recognize the meaning of the word cocacola than ok. Marketing strategies of cococola india presented by shahnas a sabitha z. What makes coca colas marketing strategy so successful. Given that they operate in over 200 countries, they are faced with a clear choice of whether to standardise their product offerings globally and reap the potential benefits of economies of scale, adapt their offerings to a particular market which may facilitate increased market specific. Coca cola has been successful in the global market because it follows the local strategies and is able to deliver as. Coca cola strategy formulation free download as powerpoint presentation. The journal of business strategy posed this question to ira c. The brand development strategy of coca cola comprised redesigning. Cocacolas new marketing strategy taste the feeling. Global marketing and commercial leadership is responsible for ensuring the brands are always interesting, viable, relevant and.

Marketing strategy is the way, path, and process to achieve marketing objectives. Coca cola is one of the most globally active international companies, deriving 80 percent of its sales from outside the u. It contributes to the highest sales of soft drinks globally. Marketing mix of coca cola 4 ps of coca cola coca cola 4. The purpose of this research was to analysis the efficiency of global strategies. Examines how coca cola has strategically positioned it self within the worlds soft drinks market. Debuted in 2009, cocacolas lofty slogan open happiness was overused to cover all of its idealsbased campaigns from antibullying to supporting exploited migrants in dubai.

In coca cola marketing mix, promotions and place plays a major role in building the brand. Pemberton, led him to create a distinctive tasting soft drink that could be sold at soda fountains. To explain the effect and importance of marketing strategy, this article focuses on the global marketing strategy of coca cola company. For almost a century, the company has been synonymous with one of the best ways to escape the excruciating heat by chugging the soft drink, and the addictive delicio. Cocacolas international strategy in africa international. Pdf strategic marketing plan for cocacola 2016 researchgate. To some degree, the difficulty of making marketing strategy highlights the extraordinary success of those famous business, for instance, coca cola, starbucks, best buy, apple, etc. Oct 05, 2019 the marketing strategy mostly used by coca cola is sponsoring an event that mostly attracts large crowds of audience world wide, secondly they make use of distributorship platform within a region and community with large numbers of field marketers. Its world headquarters is based in atlanta, georgia. This paper will discuss the standardized marketing strategy of ikea and evaluate the issues surrounding standardized marketing on a global scale by relating it to multinational corporations alike. Lessons from a competitive analysis of coca cola and pepsi. The one brand strategy aims to keep loyal consumers. Standardization or adaptation coca cola case study. Cocacola announces one brand global marketing approach.

The marketing and promotions of coca cola led to a significant increase in demand, and in 1894 a mississippi businessman by the name of joseph biedenharn began bottling the beverage. Marketing strategy contents introduction and summary of the company. Coca cola founded in 1886 by dr jhon pemberton worlds leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. Coca cola has been rendered to as one of the most successful companies all over the globe. Sep 07, 2016 the most important element of the marketing plan is a marketing strategy. Huge efforts are needed to be able to achieve this goal. Cocacola marketing strategy free essay example eduzaurus.

Essay on cocacola marketing channel strategy study in china. An evaluation of marketing strategies undertaken by coca cola. Rohrer college of business, rowan university, usa key. Strategies differentiated marketing customer satisfaction endorsement of celebrities reasonably priced. Thats why the global strategy of coca cola allows its business in more than 200 countries to. The company owns the majority of the soft drinks available in coolers and in vending machines in the western world. Report on coca cola pany coca cola marketing mix 4ps coca cola pany nepal ktm2day coca cola mcdonald s global branddoc marketing strategy ysis of bottlers nepal limited harrycoca cola marketing mix 4ps strategy mbabottlers nepal limited coca cola pany ktm2daycoca cola after a year of flat s rejigs leadership5 continue reading. This paper identified six key strategies necessary for firms to be successful when. The company and its subsidiaries employ nearly 31,000 people around.

In the global market, coca cola is the market leader for the beverage industry as it holds 48. International marketing strategy of coca cola company. Brand market share makes coca cola direct competition for competitors and new competitors emerging in the market. To fully understand how they act, lets discuss the components of their marketing strategy. It allows them to conduct business on a global scale while at the same time maintain a local.

All this because of its great marketing strategy which well discuss in this article on cocacola marketing strategy. Pricing strategy today, it became quite popular for startups, for a day or two, to offer their service or a product for free, and then increase their prices. Every business irrespective of its size needs to have definite goals in order to expand the business. Marketing strategy articles coca cola is worlds leading soft drink maker and operates in more than 200 countries around the world. The strategic positioning of cocacola in their global. The goals of cocacola are to maximize profitability and growth to create greater value for the shareholders. Download as pptx, pdf, txt or read online from scribd. Currently, the company is the biggest soft drink company on the planet. The renowned global drinks brand coca cola has been going through a change from the inside out the very fabric of coca cola s brand dna. Cocacolas real overseas problemhow to tap into neglected. Politics there are not any legal factors affecting the marketing of this product. We are a global business that operates on a local scale, in every community where we do business. The international strategy of coca cola company marketing.

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